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Welcome to the home of the "Sarah Saks"!

Have a seat and read all about us.

One Emergency Sak

Sarah Saks are just that - canvas tote
sacks that can be used to store a variety of things.
These are decorated with artwork that brings
to mind a stained glass window - abstracts that
Sarah performs by hand individually. No two are alike!

Shop through this page to see all the types available!

Let us know exactly what you would like!

Sarah Saks can be purchased empty as

Every-Day Saks


You decide what best would fill them!

Alternately, you can purchase

Emergency Sarah Saks


Complete with the basics for Emergency Preparedness
~ the list of contents can be found below.

We are looking into a variety of other specialty Saks -
Stayed tuned!

Sarah Saks can be purchased at one of
the many events that she will be attending to present
them ~ or through this site on the ORDERING page.

Contents of Emergency Sarah Saks:

Use the flashlight to:

  • Flashlights are very effective at getting someone's attention or directing traffic
  • Use this simple code to communicate:
    • 1 flash for YES
    • 2 flashes for NO
    • 3 flashes for HELP!
Use a whistle to:
  • Call for help
  • Give a warning
  • Stay in Communication
  • Use this simple code to communicate:
    • 1 blow for YES
    • 2 blows for NO
    • 3 blows for HELP!
Bandana Marker
Bandana and Permanent Marker:
Use the bandana and permanent marker:
  • On the edge of the bandana clearly print your: name, address, emergency
    contact numbers, medications or medical diagnosis
  • In the event of an emergency, tie around your neck, arm, clothing for easy
    identification and assistance
  • In the case of a disaster, use the pen to also print your name in bold big
    letters on your shirt or arm. During rescue missions, this will persoanlize
    you to the volunteers
Ziptop Bags
ZipTop Bags:
Use the ZipTop bag to house items such as:
  • Identification
  • Money
  • Medication
  • Important papers

For additional information on being prepared --

... you can now purchase

Pet Pouches


Complete with the basics for taking your pet out for a walk!
These Saks are also decorated by Sarah, and include:

  • Collapsible portable Water/Food Bowl
  • Mini-Frisbee for flying and catch
  • Tennis ball on a handle

......also - we now have

People Pouches


Perfect ~ for taking yourself
for a walk, or storing your groceries, returning your library
books, or whatever you need to be carrying around!
These are decorated by Sarah, and sport the Human Footprint -
our reminder to you to be aware of your Carbon Footprint as you
make your way through life... use re-usable resources, like these
canvas Saks, and save our shared resources!

Sarah Saks!

Since we are just starting out - this page will have to grow with the rest of us.
Please have patience and check back soon to see how much we have grown!
Contact us for Custom Requests and Orders: Sarah