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Welcome to the home of the "Sarah Saks"!

Have a seat and read all about us.

Sarah Saks are works of Art done by hand by Sarah. Sarah has wanted to
run a business of her own for some time now, and the opportunity to be involved in starting
a fledgling MicroEnterprise came about at just the right time!

Sarah has had a lifelong love of drawing - pen on paper is her favorite medium. We have
taken this one step farther, and she decorates canvas tote bags, each one different.

Sarah and many of her peers have been involved in preparations for survival should
there be a local disaster, knowing that being prepared makes your chances of making
it through that much higher.

Sarah Saks were the brainchild idea of the MicroEnterprise team that is helping to get
this business off the ground. They are specifically designed to have the basic items
that you would need should you find yourself in a position of needing to contact others
for help ~ the Emergency Saks come complete with a whistle, a flashlight, ZipTop Bags,
a bandana for you to write your name, important phone numbers, and your medications,
and a marking pen to do that with! The conference that many of her peers attended this
last fall pointed out the importance of being ready ~ Sarah Saks will help you do that!

Sarah Saks can also be purchased empty - Every-Day Saks.

Sarah Saks!

Since we are just starting out - this page will have to grow with the rest of us.
Please have patience and check back soon to see how much we have grown!

And now - on to Sarah's artwork and the Saks!

Contact us for Custom Requests and Orders: Sarah